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Fri, Nov. 12th, 2010, 11:54 pm
MASSIVE doodle roundup

Haven't done one of these in ages, and as I've already gone out a couple times this week I am FORCING myself to stay in tonight. It is time.

Brennan Boesch's homer off The Farns.

It kind of worked? Because Justin Morneau got concussed?

draft day

Edwin Jackson and Dontrelle after Edwin's no-hitter :(

bullpen rock-paper-scissors

Omar Infante DOES NOT AGE.

Alex Avila and Andy Oliver are babies. You know, naturally.

umpire war

Toledo takes Ni. A sad day for me in 2010.

the USS Comerica

Back when Miggy was still a legitimate triple crown threat.


Jeremy Bonderman's dream life.


Jose Valverde/Papa Grande/the Big Potato

Miguel Cabrera is.

Dave Dombrowski and Max Scherzer have the same birthday.

Everyone got injured.

Then this happened.

Bondo/Buehrle double-header day.


Armando and Gerald got into a slap-fight.

Rhino on a rhino.

More umpire war.

Rhymes, Inge, and Raburn are little cats.

Awesome FredFred.

"Ryan Raburn is ON FIRE." Yes, yes he is.

Will Rhymes is (with) Mighty Mouse.

Baseball makes me nervous.

Inge's 1000th hit.

Rhino and the month of August, in love.

A porkchop on a stick is one of the wonders of Target Field.


Max smashes bats.

Casper Wells, of course.

And then this happened, for whatever reason.

And then people got excited because I actually included Western in this.

Mastering the Royals.

There was a pumpkin contest.


The big joke here is that Will Rhymes actually DID tell people to go vote via Twitter.

Sparky. :/

generic pug marks

And then Curtis Granderson was on the Martha Stewart Show.

Sat, Nov. 13th, 2010 02:21 pm (UTC)

What don't I love about this post? I'm just going to run down list of what I love here:

  • Farnsworth's lightning-and-thunder text bubble
  • Thomas' Australian flag text bubble
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray Omar Infante
  • Muddy absconding with Fu-Te Ni
  • Kelly in a red shirt
  • Jackson and Boesch as rooks (I showed it to my mom. Her mind was blown).
  • Magglio's ghost!hair
  • SLAP FIGHT (and Leyland rubbing his hands together a la Mr. Burns)
  • Rhymes, Inge and Raburn as actual tigers!!!!
  • Rhymes soaring through the sky with Mighty Mouse
  • the moldering twinkie
  • Max breaking bats (I was at that game!)
  • the teahen in the teagarden
  • SPARKY ;_;
  • ahaha Martha Stewart saying "Whisssk." Also the fact Granderson went on Martha Stewart's show. (I'm sad I missed it.)
  • Sat, Nov. 13th, 2010 04:24 pm (UTC)

    Ah hahaha your icon!

    Brad Thomas always talks in Aussie-flag-bubbles. ALWAYS. It's only logical.

    Boesch was too pale to make a good rook, ha ha, but I tried to make him work. It was either that or make an albino rook, which I think would have just confused people. More than usual, anyways.